The Management Committee

The Blue Mountains Concervation Society Management Committee is responsible for the overall running of the organisation with the "nuts and bolts" of our work done by our sub-committees.

We always welcome new members, or people wanting to come along and find out more!
Feel free to contact us.

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Mountain Dragon  (Alan Page)
Mountain Dragon ( © Alan Page)



Sustainability & Climate Change

Wallerawang Power Station
The subcommittee communicates by email and works with other members of the community concerned with climate change and sustainability.

A particular focus at present is opposing new coal fired power stations in NSW.


Blue Mountains - Not Another Suburb of Sydney Protest


We examine State Government and Council policies, as well as development applications affecting environmentally sensitive land in the Blue Mountains.

Help us to mitigate harmful developments before they happen!




Gardens of Stone

Gardens of Stone Stage 2, Western Escarpment Protection

This subcommittee aims to protect the values of the Newnes plateau and the Western Escarpment through the Gardens of Stone Stage 2 Park Proposal.

We also work to monitor the impacts of coal mining and other activities on this beautiful area.

Madi Maclean,