Blue Mountains Conservation Society Butterbox Point  (Gary Humble)

About Us
Tara Cameron
Tara Cameron
The Society's President
Lachlan Garland has stepped down as President due to ill health. Tara's filling the casual vacancy.
The Blue Mountains Conservation Society is an incorporated voluntary group of about eight hundred members helping to conserve the World Heritage Blue Mountains region.

We are governed by a management committee with much of our conservation work being undertaken by sub-committees and campaigns.

We also have a Native Plant Nursery, several Bushwalking Groups and a Bushcare Group.

The Katoomba and District Wildlife Conservation Society (the original name of the BMCS) was formed in 1961, when a group of concerned residents met to determine the action that they could take to help protect the Blue Mountains environment.

The Society celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2011.

More history of the Society is included here.

Our mission is to help conserve the natural environment of the Greater Blue Mountains
and to increase awareness of the natural environment in general.


Our Area Of Interest

The Society's Area of Interest, as shown on this map, encompasses the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and adjoining State Conservation Areas and State Forests.

BMCS Area of Interest map Click on the map to download a larger PDF version.
Karen McLaughlin's map was designed to be printed on a reasonable colour printer

Also shown is the Gardens of Stone Stage 2 Proposal and the Western Sydney Airport site – the latter because of the undoubted environmental impacts the flight-paths will have on the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.


The Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area boundary and the National Park Reserve boundaries have been simplified to suit the scale of the map.

Our degree of direct involvement decreases to the east of the Putty Road and to the north of the Capertee River catchment due to the increasing involvement of other environmental organisations.