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No Western Sydney Airport - © Ross Coster

Here are a series of articles that have appeared in the Conservation Society's newsletter, The Hut News.

They have been written by Ross Coster, Convenor of our No Western Sydney Airport Sub-Committee.

Here's an article by Amanda Foxton-Hill which appeared on the AIM Network website November 5, 2016

Here's an excellent article by Christine Davies, our Hut News editor:

The Blue Trail - © Don Morison

The "Blue Trail" is a collective description for sites that arouse natural or cultural interest or both. Most are only a short walk from roads or vehicular tracks.

One day, a high quality walking path may link them. That would offer a trekking alternative to the long walking routes, suitable only for super fit "adventure" tourists, that are unsustainable without new infrastructure and maintenance forays into wilderness areas.

The full Blue Trail is being added here.

Sections of the series featuring the western Blue Mountains can be found as part of past issues of Hut News.

Threatened Fauna - © Judy Smith

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