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NSW State Election 2019
Our Events
The Blue Mountains Conservation Society is conducting two major events for the 2019 NSW State Election.

The first was our Cleaner Greener NSW and Blue Mountains Meeting on 31 October. The second, which is currently being planned, is an event in February.

A Cleaner Greener NSW and Blue Mountains

Trish Doyle Blue Mountains MP, Trish Doyle
The Society launched its 2019 State Election Campaign on 31 October.

The well attended event in Lawson heard Kate Smolski, CEO of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW present an overview of the key environmental issues across the state, and its policies for the 2019 NSW election and beyond.

Download Kate's presentation. [13MB PowerPoint Show].

The Society presented its activities and campaigns that are influenced or affected by the NSW State Government's policies and legislation.

Download the Society's presentation. [14MB PowerPoint Show].

Read the Gazette article.

The major parties were invited to send a spokesperson to say a few words at the meeting and to answers questions from the audience. The Greens and Labor accepted this offer. The Liberal’s Owen Laffin attended the event, but was not officially endorsed as their candidate for several days afterwards, and so did not speak at the meeting.

Madi Maclean Society President, Madi Maclean
Tara, Paul and Kate Senior Vice President Tara Cameron,
Bushcare Officer Paul Vale and
NCC CEO Kate Smolski
Justin Field and Trish Doyle Justin Field, Greens MLC and
Blue Mountains MP, Trish Doyle

Here's the NCC's A Cleaner, Greener NSW - Policies for the 2019 NSW State Election and Beyond document. [13MB pdf].

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