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NSW State Election 2019
The Questionnaire
The Blue Mountains Conservation Society has a long standing tradition of presenting candidates with a questionnaire to ascertain their position on key environmental issues.

Previous questionnaires for Federal, State and Council elections, and the candidates response, can be found in our Past Campaigns.

For the 2019 NSW State Election, a questionnaire has been prepared for both the Blue Mountains and Penrith Electorates - Penrith, as part of the Lower Blue Mountains is in the Penrith Electorate. See the maps in the Candidates webpage.

Our questionnaire defines the Society's environmental issues and gives candidates the opportunity to communicate with the electorates of the Blue Mountains on these vital topics.

On Friday 7th December, the Questionnaire was sent to candidates from the major parties who have so far nominated. Responses are due by Friday 18th January.

The Society realises that election campaigns are not static and that both party and personal positions on issues can change over time. As such, we will allow candidates to revise their responses.

Here's the -

Responses will be included here when they are received.