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NSW State Election 2019
Questionnaire Response Analysis
Blue Mountains Electorate
We have chosen several of the major issues confronting the Greater Blue Mountains and analysed the Blue Mountains candidates' response to them.

Issues included in this analysis are -

Answers have been extracted from the candidates' response. A link to their full response has been provided.

This analysis has been difficult due to the lack of direct answers by some candidates, and the dynamic state of the election period where policy announcements are being made frequently. We will update this analysis when we become aware of changes or any oversight.

We have added Media Releases that we have become aware of.

We encourage readers to make their own assessment.

NPWS Budget

Q1.1  Do you support increasing the National Parks and Wildlife Service budget by $150 Million by 2022?

Comment: The crux of this question is restoring the funding that has been lost over the last three years. This funding should be aimed at strengthening the Service’s core function, that is, nature conservation - not on providing "facilities".

As mentioned in our preamble to this question, the NPWS was once ranked among the top-five park-protection agencies in the world, but funding cuts and the loss of many experienced staff with decades of experience have harmed the organisation’s prestige and hampered its effectiveness. Some key positions in the Blue Mountains remain unfilled.

Here's the candidates' full response.

Horse Riding within Wilderness Areas

Q1.4  Plans of Management for a number of national parks in the south of NSW are being amended to allow horse riding within declared wilderness areas. If elected will you work to ensure these amendments are reversed?

Comment: As Justice Lloyd said in his Stealth judgement in 2004, "declared wilderness areas are sacrosanct". It's hard to accept that a 600kg+ shod horse would not have an impact.

Here's the candidates' full response.

Warragamba Dam

Q1.5  A project is currently underway to raise Warragamba Dam by 14 metres. Do you support this project?

Comment: The point of this question, as stated in the Questionnaire, is that if this goes ahead large areas of world heritage national parks and wild rivers will be inundated. This flooding will seriously and permanently impact on the incredible biodiversity and many threatened species that contribute to the Blue Mountains National Park’s world heritage listing.

It will also destroy significant cultural heritage sites of the Gundungurra people, including artwork, camps and ceremonial sites.

Here's the candidates' full response.

Western Sydney Airport

Q1.6   Western Sydney Airport – Not Needed or Wanted. Do you oppose Western Sydney Airport?

Comment: With the Western Sydney Airport now under construction, and with both the Labor and Liberal parties, at State and Federal levels, supporting this construction, it seems inevitable.

Our attention is then drawn to electing parliamentarians that will endeavour to mitigate the airport's impact of the Blue Mountains environment.

Here's the candidates' full response.

Leave Radiata Plateau Wild

Q2.2   Do you support the acquisition of Radiata Plateau and for it to be added to the Blue Mountains National Park?

Comment: The news that Labor will negotiate for the purchase of Radiata Plateau is a big step forward in this 30 year campaign.

Here's the candidates' full response.

Climate Change

Q4.1   Do you accept that anthropogenic* climate change is real and severe? What steps will your party take towards addressing climate change? [* anthropogenic - caused by humans or their activities.]

Comment: It is noted that it is a Federal Government responsibility to lead the way in addressing climate change.

Here's the candidates' full response.

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