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About the Plateau


Home to rare and threatened species, culturally significant and a magnet for the local outdoor community, Radiata Plateau, towering high above rolling valleys has been in the making for millennia. 

Sitting on the southern escarpment, Radiata Plateau (also known as Elphinstone) with its outstanding topography is the last remaining undeveloped peninsula-plateau in the upper Blue Mountains. 

The Plateau has significant biodiversity, including vegetation communities such Blue Mountain Swamps, Eucalyptus Oreades Open Forest and Blue Mountains Heath. It is also home to many endangered species including the Flame Robin, Glossy Black Cockatoo, Gang-Gang Cockatoo and varied Sittella as well as the Spotted Tail Quoll, frequently sighted by locals. Threatened plants include one of only ten places where the Dwarf Mountain Pine grows.

Apart from a small area of Crown Land the majority of the Plateau is privately owned by a group that have consistently lodged applications and expressed considerable interest in development over the past three decades. 

Survival of the Plateau's unique and special values depend on the area remaining undisturbed. The Society has long argued that the ideal solution would be for it move into public ownership and form part of the Blue Mountains National Park. 

Two recent applications for development have just been refused on environmental grounds – now is the time to secure the Plateau's future. 

phot by Tim Vollmer

[photo: © Tim Vollmer]