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30 December 2015
Submission on the Draft Plan of Management for the Mugii Murum-ban State Conservation Area
Sent to:   The Planning Officer Mugii Murum-ban SCA, NPWS in Mudgee NSW

17 December 2015
Submission on Western Sydney Airport DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL STATEMENT (EIS)
Sent to:Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

16 December 2015
Submission opposing 20 cluster houses at 60 Winnicoopa Rd Blaxland, DA X/1114/2015
Sent to: General Manager, Blue Mountains City Council

October 22, 2015
Submission on the Strategic Release Framework (SRF) for Coal and Petroleum Exploration
Sent to:   Department of Resources & Energy (DRE), Sydney NSW

September 15, 2015
Submission to the BMCC’s Strategic Tourism and Recreation Planning Study Options Paper
Sent to:   Mr Robert Greenwood, General Manager, Blue Mountains City Council

22 May 2015
Submission opposing proposal R031/15 Springvale Mine Extension Project
Plus Appendix A and Appendix B
Plus Supplementary (31st May)
Plus a joint Media Release (26th May)
Sent to:   Mr Brian Gilligan, Chair, Planning Assessment Commission

22 May 2015
Draft Operational Plan 2015-2016
Sent to:   Mr Robert Greenwood, General Manager, Blue Mountains City Council

18 May 2015
Vegetation clearing on Elphinstone (Radiata) Plateau
Sent to:   Mr Robert Greenwood, General Manager, Blue Mountains City Council

15 May 2015
Inquiry into the administration and transparency of the Register of Environmental Organisations
Plus FAQs and Invitation To Make A Submission
Sent to:   Committee Secretary, House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment

8 April 2015
Review of National Park Establishment
Sent to:   Senior Team Leader, Reserve Establishment, National Parks and Wildlife Service

30 March 2015
Green Army “upgrade” of bushwalks, Katoomba to Wentworth Falls
Plus Louise Markus's response and Greg Hunt's response
Sent to:   Louise Markus, Member for Macquarie

25 March 2015
Proposed Closure of Crown Road at Bullaburra (within the property 60 Kent Street)
Plus response
Sent to:   Caroline McNaughton, Crown Lands

27 February 2015
Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area draft Management Plan
Sent to:   Director of National Parks and Wildlife, Tasmania

20 February 2015
The Thirlmere Lakes Draft Plan of Management
Sent to:   The Planner, National Parks and Wildlife Service

9 February 2015
The Sixth Draft Plan Of Management For Kakadu National Park
Sent to:   The Planning Officer, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

9 February 2015
Fairmont Resort's Segway Track on Isobel Bowden Ridge
Sent to:   Richard Kingswood, Area Manager, National Parks and Wildlife Service, Blackheath

14 January 2015
Cullen Valley Mine – 106 Remnant, Cullen Bullen NSW - Referral 2015/7412
Sent to:   Referrals Gateway, Department of the Environment, Canberra




[Bower Birds - female and male juvenile - image © Alan Page]