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This webpage contains links to websites and documents that may be helpful in the preparation of submissions, articles, letters and emails. The websites included cover a broad spectrum of opinion - that is, they are not "simply" restricted to environmentally friendly organisations.

The websites have been placed in several broad groups:

Also included is a bibliography of environmental theses of the Blue Mountains region.
A list of environmental organisations is included in our Links page.





Newspapers, News & Magazines

  Sydney Morning Herald
  The Australian
  The Daily Telegraph
  Blue Mountains Gazette
  Lithgow Mercury
  Penrith Press
  ABC News
  The Guardian
  The Conversation
  The Saturday Paper
  New Scientist


Government - Federal, NSW and Local

Federal New South Wales Local
  Members Search
  Senators Search
  Hansard Search
  Legislative Assembly Members
  Blue Mountains City Council
  Lithgow City Council
  Penrith City Council



  Blue Mountains City Council Interactive Maps
  Lithgow City Council Maps
  MinView - exploration licences
  Google Maps


Documents and Articles

Selected bibliography of environmental theses for the Blue Mountains region

The bibliography was prepared by Ian Baird in December 2012 with contributions from Margaret Baker, Rosalie Chapple, Alex Gold, John Low, Brian Marshall, Peter Rickwood, Judy Smith and Lyndal Sullivan. It includes some theses that deal with the Blue Mountains region in part only.

VIEW the Bibliography

Most recent Masters and PhD theses will be available online for download from relevant university library websites or the National Library of Australia’s Trove digital theses repository.