Katoomba Airfield

Residents of Medlow Bath and North Katoomba do not consider the Katoomba Airfield with much joy because of the "Joy Flights" which have originated from it in the past. It is located at the end of Grand Canyon Road, Medlow Bath, inside the National Park.
The airfield is currently Crown Land and leased out to a private concern. The Department of Land and Water Conservation is currently undertaking an assessment of the Crown land for its suitability for either sale or further long term lease.
Our preferred option is to see this "inholding" incorporated into the National Park. This position has also been taken by Council with the only continued use being for emergencies (i.e. firefighting).
The site contains two hanging swamps which are currently being threatened by the sediment flowing off the eroding airstrip. Sediment is also flowing into Katoomba Creek and Greaves Creek catchments and hence the Blue Mountains National Park.
Society members who know about the history of this site or any environmental aspects are asked to help by phoning Lyndal Sullivan on 4782.1635 (evenings).
There will be a public exhibition soon that anyone interested may wish to attend.