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Lawson Crown Land
Masterplan on Exhibition

Lawson Crown Land Masterplan

Council is currently preparing a Masterplan for Crown Land at Lawson, incorporating:

Council has previously sought community input through workshops and has now prepared three re-development options for the site.

The three options are currently available to view on-line here.

Comments closed 20th April 2018. Here's the Society's submission

The Society does not support any of the three options put forward. Here's why:

Instead the Society would like to see a fourth option developed for public consultation which would be aimed at minimal impact and sustainable use of the site. This fourth option would:

Site for Society Nursery

One option identifies space for a community nursery and community gardens. The Society is supportive of this proposal, as it would provide an ideal permanent home in the mid mountains for the Society’s native plant nursery.

The Society’s nursery is a community not for profit nursery run by volunteers, which provides affordable locally grown and sourced native plants to the general public. The Society has been attempting to find a location to re-open its nursery in the mid mountains for a number of years.

The nursery site proposed in the option developed by Council, adjacent to the creekline and away from the existing local road network, is not suitable however. The Society is instead keen to discuss with Council a nursery site where the old clubhouse is currently located or nearby.