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Cold, wet and miserable might be how some people have described the July 2016 school holiday weather in the upper Blue Mountains. But there were some lovely winter days. And, on at least three mornings, early risers who made their way to Govetts Leap Lookout were treated to sunrises of such grandeur that they are unlikely to be forgotten.

The beautiful Grose Valley, with its many moods, is always a sight to behold. But, in winter, when the golden light of the rising sun breaks through the clouds, seeking out patches of gold in the cliff faces and lighting up a river of white cloud flooding the depths of the valley, words to describe are inadequate.

With the rising of the sun, the valley comes alive with the song of lyrebirds. Winter is breeding time for the Superb Lyrebird, when the males construct and maintain a number of display mounds on which to sing and dance in courtship, their repertoire including imitations of the songs of many other birds.

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