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[Convenor of Blue Mountains Conservation Society No Badgerys Creek Airport Subcommittee]

The No Western Sydney Airport Sub-Committee put together a comprehensive Submission on the WSA Environmental Impact Statement, a total of 79 pages.

You can download it here.

So what did we find in the EIS? What errors did we find? What omissions did we find? … How much space do I have on this page?
Here are a just few points:

  • Incorrect and contradictory emissions figures discovered and reported by our subcommittee were changed while the EIS was on public exhibition.

  • The airport is to have no curfew, no rail link, and no fuel pipeline. Aircraft take offs and landings will be over protected water catchment, Blue Mountains World Heritage national parks, or lower Blue Mountains townships. Noise impacts are dismissed. There will be significant light pollution, visible for many kilometres.

  • The EIS claims the Airport will produce 130,000 tonnes of CO2-e in the year 2030, but they arrived at this figure by leaving out the Aircraft emissions! The real figure is 2,634,000 tonnes, rising to 21 million tonnes by 2063.

  • The Airport site is surrounded by critical infrastructure that could be affected in the event of an Aircraft crash, including: Warragamba Dam and Lake Burragorang, Prospect reservoir and water filtration plant, water supply pipelines and canals, multiple electricity transmission lines, the western railway line, the M4 and M7 motorways, and many thousands of homes.

  • The EIS states that exposure to diesel during construction and nitrogen dioxide during operation will kill some people over 30, between 6 every 10 years and 6 every 100 years.

  • Bird and Bat surveys at the site were done in just 2 days, with no nocturnal studies, no migratory bird studies, and no studies inside the nearby National Park. Vegetation studies missed the presence of known pockets of endangered species, as the survey was done from a car. Offsets to compensate for Cumberland Plain Woodland being destroyed are offered in existing reserves!

  • The airport risks release into our World Heritage National Parks of biosecurity pests, including diseases and several aggressive species of ants which have been accidentally released from other airports around the world.

  • The EIS writes off High Speed Rail with the statement 'would not replace the need for the proposed Airport'. This despite 25% of all passengers through Mascot being to-and-from Melbourne, and 50% being to-and-from east coast destinations that would be covered by the High Speed Rail network.

I could go on all day. In short, the proposed Airport is a nightmare that we must stop!

The campaign does not end here with our EIS Submission, as we and other groups will be continuing to apply pressure to the Australian Government to abandon this project forever and get on with building the fully designed and costed East Coast High Speed Rail network.
If you want to help, contact me and join our Sub-Committee.