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FOWSA or Fizzer?


©Ross Coster
[Convenor of Blue Mountains Conservation Society No Badgerys Creek Airport Subcommittee]
[first published in December 2016 Hut News]

The Forum on Western Sydney Airport (FOWSA) is a Committee established by Federal Urban Infrastructure Minister Paul Fletcher.

FOWSA is proposed to "provide a communication channel for the community's engagement in the development of the airport and ensure community's views are taken into account, and … will play an important role in the airspace and flight path design process for Western Sydney Airport".

The committee has now been selected, there are 22 members, and none of our anti-airport nominees were selected!

No-one from Residents Against Western Sydney Airport, No Badgerys Creek Airport or BMCS were selected.

Several State and Federal Members of Parliament were selected, but not our locals Susan Templeman or Trish Doyle, nor anyone from Blacktown.

Representatives from the Blue Mountains are Luke Nicholls, Director, City and Community Outcomes, Blue Mountains City Council, and Joanne Bromilow 'Resident of Blaxland'.

Luke Nicholls is a Member of the Blue Mountains Mayoral Reference Group, as am I, and he is opposed to the proposed airport. He appears to be the only anti-airport member of FOWSA!

Joanne Bromilow is, of course, far more than a 'Resident of Blaxland'. She is a member of Blaxland Chamber of Commerce and of the Mountains Combined Chambers of Commerce, and a strong proponent for the proposed airport.

The Chair of FOWSA is Professor Peter Shergold AC, Chancellor, Western Sydney University, an organisation that is part of the cheer squad for the proposed airport.

I plan to write to all of the 22 members, pointing out our objections to the proposed airport.

If Joanne Bromilow is truly our community representative, she should really be calling for a curfew (she is not), and for a railway line to the proposed airport (she does want this).

An interesting quote from Ms Bromilow's Facebook page (which recently went dark to the public) reads as: "It's so disappointing they can't see the opportunities this is going to bring and focus on what we need to be ready in a eco free way".

Not sure what 'eco free' means, but an airport that generates traffic, noise, air pollution and greenhouse gases is in no way sustainable nor eco friendly, and we will continue to oppose the project.


If you think that building a committee of 'Yes' people is not the right way to represent the community, write to Urban Infrastructure Minister Paul Fletcher and tell him. (He loves hearing from us!) The address is:
PO Box 6022,
House of Representatives,
Parliament House,
Canberra ACT 2600.

The campaign is not over!
The airport has not been built! We keep working!



Ross Coster