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I found a letter in the archives (condensed below) that opposed Badgerys Creek Airport in 1999. Now we need to campaign again in 2015 against a bad idea that we don't need or want.

The Badgerys Creek airport proposal is classic 'Boosterism' from another time, build it and they will come. More freight, more tourists, more people, growth, employment, the same old 'growth is the only way' rhetoric.

Chew up all the land in sight for more tarmac, terminals, warehouses, offices, roads, all for growth. Pollute the air in the basin with burned jet fuel, generate noise 20km in every direction at 'offensive levels', 24 hours a day, all for growth.

Here we go again. Sigh!

Date: 08-Jun-1999.

To:- John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia, John Anderson, Federal Minister for Transport, Senator Robert Hill, Federal Minister for the Environment. Cc: Kerry Bartlett, Member for Macquarie, Jackie Kelly, Member for Lindsay

Opposition to Proposed Badgery's Creek Airport.
I write to further voice our opposition to the proposed airport at Badgery's Creek.

Impact on National Parks and Tourism:

Aircraft moving to and from the proposed airport at Badgery's Creek will travel at relatively low altitude over vast areas of National Park, Wilderness areas and proposed Wilderness areas (all now World Heritage Listed). The effect on animal species in these areas is unknown and needs to be thoroughly researched. The effect on people will be obvious. The effect on tourism may well be catastrophic.

Sydney's Drinking Water:

The recent (1998) water contamination scare is a stern warning that the drinking water catchments must be protected. Dramatically increasing overflights of the Sydney Drinking Water Catchments can only increase the risk of water contamination.

Blue Mountains Resident Amenity:

Many people who move to the Blue Mountains do so to get away from the noise and bustle of living in Sydney. We undergo significant hardship through lengthy commuting to work, significantly lower standards of services, poor access to shopping and poor transport infrastructure. Yet we gladly pay these prices for a better, quieter, cleaner place to live. The proposed airport at Badgery's Creek will affect our lives through increased noise and airborne pollution.

In summary, we oppose the proposed Badgery's Creek Airport on grounds of impact on: The (World Heritage Listed) world-class tourism resource of our National Parks and Wilderness areas; The Sydney Drinking Water Catchments; Residential amenity.

We urge your Government to abandon plans for the Badgery's Creek airport …
(signed) Heather Coster, Vice President, Blue Mountains Conservation Society.