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Our mission is to help protect, conserve, and advocate for, the natural environment of the Greater Blue Mountains.
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Mar 2023 edition
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Current Campaigns, Submissions & Events
 BMCS AGM 31 March
 GWH upgrade - Blackheath
 Boddington Hill meeting 28 Feb
 Gardens of Stone Leases
 Planning & Development Resource Kit
 Don't Raise Warragamba Dam Wall
 Consultation on GBMA values & area
 Ready for Renewables Challenge
 Mugii Murum-ban SCA
 Climate Action Now

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BMCS Annual General Meeting
7pm Friday 31 March
Wentworth Falls School of Arts

Visitors are very welcome!

Please register on Eventbrite - but it's free and will include light refreshments.

Are invasives species the biggest threat to the Blue Mountains?

Andrew Cox CEO Invasive Species Council Andrew Cox

Andrew Cox, CEO of the Invasive Species Council, will be asking this question at the Blue Mountains Conservation Society’s 2023 AGM talk next week. Andrew will outline the reasons why this may be the case and what the Invasive Species Council is doing about it and invite discussion on the topic.

The Council is an independent, donor-funded organisation at the forefront of efforts to strengthen biosecurity in Australia to better safeguard Australia’s land and seas from invasive species. Not only is Andrew a proud Blue Mountains resident, he is also a member of the Blue Mountains feral deer working group, the national Environmental Biosecurity Advisory Group, chair of the Decade of Biosecurity Steering Group and co-founder of the Australian Biosecurity Symposium.

More information about the AGM is on our Events 2023 page

NSW State Election - 25 March 2023
Grose Valley at dawn Grose Valley at dawn  (Ian Brown)

Election Outcome
The Conservation Society congratulates Trish Doyle on her re‑election, expected from the published vote count on Saturday night, 25 March 2023.


The Society's theme for the 2023 NSW State Election was "The Blue Mountains - Let It Be".

The Blue Mountains that we know and love continues to be under threat. Our aim was to highlight these threats in an endeavour to protect and conserve the Blue Mountains.

Our State Election webpages include articles and videos of the threats the Blue Mountains face and the responses received to our questionnaire to candidiates, as well as a short analysis of the responses.

Object (again) to inappropriate development in parts of the Gardens of Stone SCA
Lost City in the Gardens of Stone SCA The 'Lost City' (Henry Gold)

When the Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area was announced on November 13, 2021, the NSW Government also announced an adventure theme park at Lost City and exclusive accommodation in association with a Great Walk.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service is seeking public comments on its intention to grant 20 year leases for these two proposals in parts of the Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area. The period for comments is in the holiday period closing on 18 January. The parent company involved with these proposals is Experience Co (this is the same company that has plans to develop the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area).

Object to these leases that will privatise parts of this conservation reserve before the public has an opportunity to comment on the details of these developments.

The proposed locations and extent of the accommodation are only approximate and not clearly defined on the simple map provided. Likewise the location of “ziplines, via ferrata and suspension bridges” and other requirements for the Lost City Adventure Precinct. This means that the possible environmental impacts of the proposed lease are hard to identify, let alone avoid them and protect the area.

Ticking the consultation box without information is a sham process. Very limited information is available in the public exhibition of the notice to grant leases.

ACTION: Express your concerns about the development threat to this important Blue Mountains reserve before close of business, 18 January 2023.

For more information and assistance with making a submission, go to the website

Don't Raise Warragamba Dam - new consultation Nov 2022
Dam March June 2019 Dam March June 2019  (Alan Page)
In 2018, the NSW Government passed legislation to allow the flooding of World Heritage listed national parks by raising the wall of Warragamba Dam.

If the dam wall is raised as proposed, 4,700 hectares of World Heritage listed National Parks and 1,800 hectares of declared Wilderness Areas will be forever scarred from sedimentation, erosion and invasion of exotic plants.

Raising Warragamba Dam will inundate 65 kilometres of Blue Mountain's wild rivers.

In October 2022 the NSW Government declared the proposal Critical State Significant Infrastructure.

A new consultation was commenced on 21 November 2022 in relation to the CSSI declaration. The comment period runs to Monday 12 December 2022.

Here's more information about the NSW Government's proposal to raise the dam wall and how you can object (again).

Consultation on GBMA values and area extensions - submissions due 16 Nov 2022
View from Butterbox Point View from Butterbox Point  (Gary Humble)

Support the plan to strengthen and expand the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. We need your help to ensure all the Greater Blue Mountains’ values and areas worthy of National and World Heritage listing are recognised.

In 2000, the Greater Blue Mountains Area was included on the World Heritage list for its outstanding universal natural vegetation and exceptional biodiversity values. Cultural (Indigenous and historic) and scenic values were also nominated by the NSW and Australian Governments, but given the nomination was prepared in just six weeks, time defeated the effective justification of these important values.

Since 2000 conservationists, ecologists, geologists and Aboriginal people have presented data and information on other values and adjacent high conservation value (HCV) natural areas that should be listed.

Public comment is now being sought on the Australian Heritage Council (AHC) assessment for the National Heritage listing as a first step toward World Heritage re-nomination on the increased areas and values.

The society has produced a submission guide. Please use that to assist you in writing a short submission to the AHC by 16 Nov 2022. This is a critical time for consolidation and strengthened conservation protection of the area and values of the magnificent Greater Blue Mountains.

Great Grose Weed Walk
Spring 2022
Braeside Bushcare Braeside Bushcare, Govetts Leap Brook  (Katy O’Neill)
If you care about the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, no doubt you want to help protect the native plants and animals.

A Great Grose Weed Walk activity is your chance to join the many other caring and hardworking Blue Mountains Bushcare volunteers in their long term efforts to stop weeds invading the Grose Valley Wilderness Area.

Here's a brochure - which includes activities.

You'll find more information on the Great Grose Weed Walk webpage.

Great Grose Weed Walk Great Grose weed walk, Blue Mountains National Park. (Vanessa Richardson/NPWS)

BMCS Planning & Development Resource Kit
Sydney Helicopters
Are you concerned about environmental damage or a development activity in your neighbourhood but don’t know who to contact? Is land clearing going on near you? How can you check that it is being done legally? Want to know how to write a submission opposing or supporting a Development Application?

Look no further - the Society's Planning & Development Resource Kit may help you.

Underground mining is damaging Mugii Murum-ban SCA
Mt. Airly Mt. Airly  (Ian Watson)
Subsidence from underground mining is damaging rock formations in Mugii Murum-ban SCA. This reserve is in the northern part of the Gardens of Stone region. The owners of Airly mine, Centennial Coal, are reported to have conceded that the cracks exceeded the limits of their development consent.

The future of this beautiful conservation area containing two spectacular mesas at Airly and Genowlan is at risk of further damage. It was supposed to be protected from subsidence when a mining extension was approved there in 2016.

What happens here could also influence protection levels for any new mining under the recently announced Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area.

You can read more about the latest damage in the Guardian article here.

Centennial Coal representatives were reported to be meeting government regulators last week. The Society has written to the Minister for Planning calling for the mining company to be prosecuted and all steps taken to ensure any further damage does not occur. However, we are concerned that the law may not be strong enough.

You can help by writing to the Minister for Planning asking for every effort to be taken to ensure the "spectacular geodiversity with majestic cliffs and rock formations" in Mugii Murum-ban are protected from now on and any unlawful damage is penalised. This is the link to send a message to the NSW Minister for Planning.

The Society has also written to the Minister for Environment as National Parks and Wildlife Service own Mugii Murum-ban SCA.

Katoomba Airfield Lease Refused
no heli-tourism
On 22 October 2021 the application by FlyBlue for a lease to operate a commercial airfield, including helicopter flights, was refused.

The company’s temporary licence to access the site will also be revoked and it will be required to vacate the site within 28 days.

The site will remain open to emergency services.

Here's the NSW Government's announcement.

Here's our Katoomba Airfield Lease webpages.

Climate Action Now
- changes you can make -
Climate Action Now Flyer
Climate Action Now Flyer
(click the image to download the flyer)
Australia has the highest emissions per person of any OECD country.

Government and business action is crucial in addressing climate change, but our personal actions also make a difference.

The Society has prepared a Climate Action Now Flyer that details the changes you can make to -

We also encourage you to Raise Your Voice On Climate Change by -

We acknowledge Katrina Shields, Zero Emissions Byron, who inspired production of this flyer.

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