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Our mission is to help protect, conserve, and advocate for, the natural environment of the Greater Blue Mountains.
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July 2024 edition
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Blue Mountains
Council Election

Saturday 14 September

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Proposed Housing Reforms
not another suburb of Sydney
Blue Mountains exempt

read about it here
GoS Commercial Leases
Lost City Lost City  (Henry Gold)
We've had our say!
Read our submission
July Hut News
The Society's newsletter
Eastern Pygmy Possum Eastern Pygmy Possum  (Julie Favell)
Senate Inquiry into
aircraft noise
aircraft noise
We've had our say!
Read our submission
Gecko Newsletter
Winter 2024 edition
Gecko Newsletter
Blue Mountains City Council Bushcare's newsletter
Western Sydney International
Western Sydney International (image: Andrzej Kostrzewa)

We've had our say!
Read our submission

Proposed Housing Reforms
We've had our say
Here's our submission and the Council's

Blue Mountains exempt
read about it here
Open Letter   Key Facts   What Does It Mean?   Village Maps   What you can do  

The Blue Mountains is not another suburb of Sydney
The NSW Government is threatening to force a new ‘one-size-fits-all’ low- and mid-rise housing policy onto the Blue Mountains, with the aim of increasing new housing.

The proposed policy over-rides existing key environmental provisions in the Blue Mountains Local Environmental Plan (LEP) that protects our bushland and the World Heritage Area.

The Blue Mountains LEP already allows for the building of medium density housing in locations that work for both people and the environment.

The Society believes the proposed policy would encourage unsustainable and unsuitable medium density development throughout the Blue Mountains, threatening our natural environment and World Heritage Area and putting more lives at risk due to the growing threat from bushfires.

Here's an article in the Blue Mountains Gazette.

Open Letter

Open Letter The Open Letter
An open letter to the NSW Premier will be published in the Sydney Morning Herald on Monday 13 May and the Blue Mountains Gazette on Wednesday 15 May.

The letter begins -

"We are an alliance of community groups and organisations representing a variety of sectors in the Blue Mountains. We are writing to urge you to reconsider your government’s proposed ‘one size fits all’ reforms to deliver additional housing, as outlined in the NSW Government’s Explanation of Intended Effect: Changes to create low- and mid-rise housing. We request that you exclude the Blue Mountains Local Government Area from these proposed reforms.

The letter is from -

Better Planning Network
Blue Mountains Aboriginal Culture     and Resource Centre
Blue Mountains Association     of Cultural Heritage Organisations
Blue Mountains Bird Observers Inc
Blue Mountains Bushcare Network
Blue Mountains Community Land Trust
Blue Mountains Conservation Society
Blue Mountains Greens
Blue Mountains Historical Society
Cr. Mark Greenhill OAM, Mayor,     City of Blue Mountains
Cr. Romola Hollywood, Deputy Mayor
Cr. Mick Fell
Cr. Brent Hoare
Cr. Claire West
Cr. Daniel Myles
Cr. Nyree Fisher
Cr. Sarah Redshaw
Cr. Suzie van Opdorp
Bushwalking NSW Inc
Friends of Ku-ring-gai Environment Inc
Medlow Bath Residents Association
National Trust of Australia (NSW),     Blue Mountains Branch
Springwood Bushwalking Club
Total Environment Centre
Wilderness Australia

Key Facts

Here's some fast facts about housing in the Blue Mountains.

Here's our Initial Proposed Housing Reforms webpage for more details.

What Does It Mean For The Blue Mountains?

Village Maps

Lawson Lawson
A map has been created for each of the 18 Blue Mountains villages affected by the proposed housing reforms.

Blue Mountains land zoned from Local Environment Plan 2015.  E1, E2, R1, R2 & R3 zones are affected.

The maps show the approximate 400m and 800m areas around railway stations and town centres.

The maps can be found here

What Can I Do?

We need you to urgently send a letter to the Hon. Chris Minns MP, Premier of NSW, telling him:

Our goal is 100 letters sent during May and June!

Letters to the Premier can only be sent via lodgement through an online portal or by post – they cannot be sent directly via email.

Suggested points that could be included in your letter are:

You should personalise your letter and communicate what is important to you.

Once you have finished your letter, save it and then send via the correspondence e-portal for Chris Minns, Premier NSW.

Alternatively, you can print and send the letter to:

The Hon Chris Minns MP, Premier of NSW, GPO Box 5341, SYDNEY, NSW 2001.

So that we know how many letters have been sent to the Premier, once you have sent your letter can you please let us know via the campaign email housing@bluemountains.org.au.

What else you can do

 Get social and help spread the word on our social media pages: Facebook :: Instagram.

 Join our mailing list to keep up to date with the campaign.

 Make a donation to help support the campaign.

 Join the Blue Mountains Conservation Society to help conserve the Blue Mountains environment.

Gardens of Stone Commercial Leases
Submissions now closed

Here's the Society's submission.

Gos SCA Leases
Pagodas are under threat from a Wild Bush Luxury Experience Lease for three areas of serviced cabins above cliff tops in the Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area.

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has published lease notice for the cabin development that consists of three sets of six cabins and associated infrastructure.

Closing date for submissions is now 26 June 2024

Use the points below to write your submission. Copy it into your word processor and rework this guide to suit you. Then email it to:

commercial.enquiries@environment.nsw.gov.au  or use the NSW Govt. website

Use this address block:

Property and Lease Management Unit
Locked Bag 5022
Parramatta NSW 2124


Start your submission with a heading something like:

Objection to the issue of a lease to Wild Bush Luxury Experience for Cabins in the Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area

If you've been to the Gardens of Stone, mention this in your letter and what you liked about it.

[Remember to put the following points into your own words]

I object to the issue of a lease for serviced cabin accommodation over the Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area located among fragile pagodas areas that should be completely protected from development.

The three proposed cabin accommodation sites by Wild Bush Luxury Experience will adversely impact the cultural and natural heritage of sensitive pagoda landforms in the Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area and cause significant visual blight.

The three cabin developments located on rocky sites are unsuitable for the disposal of grey water generated from the associated kitchens and ablution facilities. Even when the waste is treated, it will pollute pristine Carne Creek.

I object to the route of Gardens of Stone Walk being determined to suit the cabin lease proposal without specific consultation with bushwalking and conservation groups. The proposed walk has an inappropriate six kilometre diversion loop to reach a cabin development and this compromises walker experience.

Protecting cliffs and pagoda landscapes was one of the most important outcomes from creating the Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area. Pagoda areas should not be developed for accommodation facilities. The proposed rocking lease sites above cliffs are inappropriate and would be seen from afar. Cabins located among pagodas would also result in pagoda damage from patrons walking on them.

The NSW Department of Planning and the independent Planning Assessment Commission determined that pagoda landscapes, generally, are globally rare, internationally significant and worthy of protection at the highest level. It would be inconsistent with the protection that these fragile pagoda areas merit to issue a lease for cabin development.

The Lost City adventure park was rejected by Environment Minister, the Hon Penny Sharpe, due to its impact on pagodas. The proposed cabin areas will cause adverse environmental impacts on internationally rare and significant pagoda landscapes and should also be refused a lease. It would be inconsistent to reject the adventure park lease proposal and not three other proposals with a total of 18 cabins that would cause extensive environmental impacts and visual blight on pagoda landforms.

Approval of cabin lease would set a bad precedent for commercial accommodation in pristine bushland that is supposed to be protected. Other visually prominent cliff tops and virgin coastal headlands elsewhere would then be at risk of similar lease proposals.

I am totally opposed to serviced accommodation being built in NSW national parks and reserves, especially in pristine bushland areas with stunning views.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

Yours sincerely,

GoS SCA Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area  (Alan Page)

July Hut News
the Society's newsletter

The July 2024 edition of Hut News is now available for downloading.

Feathertail Glider Feathertail Glider  (Julie Favell)
In this edition you will find:

Senate Inquiry into aircraft noise 2024
Submissions now closed

Here's the Society's submission regarding impact and mitigation of aircraft noise.

Here's Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance's
video  and  submission guide

aircraft noise
Aircraft noise from Western Sydney Airport will affect all Blue Mountains residents.

Now is the chance to have your say!

On 6 February 2024 the Senate agreed to establish an inquiry into aircraft noise.

It is crucial that Blue Mountains residents take this opportunity to make a submission about the impact flight paths out of Western Sydney International airport will have - on our lives and on our precious World Heritage Area.

The Inquiry won’t know that Western Sydney and Blue Mountains residents are deeply concerned about the potential effects of aircraft unless we tell them.

What is the Inquiry investigating?

The impact and mitigation of aircraft noise on residents and business in capital cities and regional towns, with particular reference to:

  1. the effect of aircraft noise on amenity, physical and mental wellbeing and everyday life of residents;
  2. the effect of aircraft noise on small business;
  3. any proposals for the mitigation and limitation of aircraft noise, including flight curfews, changes to flight paths and alternatives to air travel;
  4. any barriers to the mitigation and limitation of aircraft noise; and
  5. any other related matters.

Where is the information about Western Sydney International flight paths?

Here is a list of resources to help you:

What you need to do:

We need as many people as possible to communicate their concerns about the flight paths and aircraft noise issues, so the Inquiry understands the breadth and depth of the issues that need to be addressed. A large volume of submissions will ensure a good understanding of how detrimental these problems are for Blue Mountains residents and the environment.

It is important that you write your submission in your own words and address the points that concern you. The best submissions:

Your response can be submitted online here

If you are unable to write a submission, you can use your phone or computer to make a voice-to-text submission (details on how to do this on this webpage

If you need some help writing your submission, feel free to contact Annette Cam on president@bluemountains.org.au

Submissions are due by 30 April 2024

Flight Paths Impact
Western Sydney International Airport
Submissions now closed

Here's the Society's submission on the draft Environmental Impact Statement for Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport Airspace and Flight Design.

Residents Against Western Sydney Airport Update No 39 - March 2024 - what's the latest!

Background and Concerns

Tawny Frogmouth a disturbed Tawny Frogmouth  (Alan Page)
The Western Sydney International airport will be operational in 2026 and at capacity in 2055 when it is predicted there will be 226,000 flights out of WSI per year – that is 619 flights per day. At least half of these flights will go over some part of the Blue Mountains.

The flight paths cross most of the 1.03 million hectares of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. In areas furthest from the airport, the height of flights will be up to 20,000ft above the runway. Remember – the elevation of the Blue Mountains increases as you move west. So if you live at Katoomba (elevation 1023m = 3356 ft) and the flight goes overhead at 17,500ft above the runway, then it is at a height of 14,144 ft above you.

These flight paths will change the way we live and enjoy our lives and they are permanent. We do not believe that our concerns have been listened to in the past.

We are concerned about:

We want:

What Other Organisations are saying and doing

World Heritage Status
Here's the Blue Mountains City Council's media release raising concerns to our World Heritage status due to flight paths.
Linden Residents' Initiative
Linden residents have created a website on the impact on them and how to make a submission.
RAWSA Update
Residents Against Western Sydney Airport Update No 38 provides a guide on how to make a submission, and what else you can do.
BMCC Submission
Here's the Blue Mountains City Council's submission.
WHI Submission
Here's the World Heritage Institute's submission.

Gecko Newsletter
Winter 2024 edition
Gecko Newsletter
Gecko is the Blue Mountains City Council Bushcare's seasonal newsletter.

The Winter 2024 Edition is now available to download.

Previous editions of the Gecko Newsletter can be found here.

Information about the Blue Mountains City Council Bushcare can be found here.

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