Katoomba Airfield Lease - Have Your Say NOW Katoomba Airfield Lease - Have Your Say NOW!
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Katoomba Airfield Lease
Have Your Say NOW!
Katoomba Airfield Lease

Katoomba Airfield is a public land inholding in the Blue Mountains National Park sitting above the Grand Canyon and Grose valley.

There is a long history of agreement from Blue Mountains City Council, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and Crown Lands that the airfield should be incorporated into the Blue Mountains National Park with continued use for emergency purposes.

Instead the Dept of Industry is considering granting a commercial lease over the airfield to a private aviation tourism company for things such as helicopter scenic flights.

cartoon courtesy of Greg Gaul cartoon courtesy of Greg Gaul
What you an do - action required now

How To Say No To Commercial Use And More Aircraft Noise

This may be the LAST chance for the community to have a say - perhaps for decades!

Here are three main messages we aim to get across, it is best to put them in your OWN words. You should of course focus on anything else you are concerned about.

  1. OBJECT to any COMMERCIAL lease for this PUBLIC land
  2. This land should be PUT INTO THE NATIONAL PARK
  3. Keep the airfield for EMERGENCY USE ONLY

SUBMISSIONS can be made until the 4th August 2019 - either online, by email or mail.

Online information about the proposal and making a submission can be found at: here

Email submissions to: airfield.submissions@crownland.nsw.gov.au, quoting Ref No 602686 in the email subject line.

Be sure to include your name and address.

Australia Post submissions to:

Department of Industry, Crown Lands
PO Box 2155

Here's a leaflet on making a submission.

For more information, visit our Katoomba Airfield Lease webpage or that of the Katoomba Airfield Community Group.

Destination Pagoda
Gardens of Stone Film showing
7pm Tuesday 2 July at Mount Vic Flicks
Destination Pagoda poster Here's a poster
How the Gardens of Stone’s spectacular pagoda landscape can be protected and enjoyed through the provision of basic recreation facilities centred on Lithgow.

Gardens of Stone: Living Landscape, a documentary by Award winning film-maker, Tom Zubrycki, tells the story of the Gardens of Stone campaign and how the future of this amazing region hangs in the balance.

The Society has organised a showing of this film at the iconic Mount Vic Flicks at 7pm Tuesday 2 July. This is a second opportunity in the mountains to see this inspiring film and learn how a Gardens of Stone state conservation area could be managed.

Guest speaker Ian Brown, adventurer, climber and respected park management consultant, will then outline the potential of the Gardens of Stone as a world-class tourism and conservation reserve.

Destination Pagoda, a visitor management plan for the Gardens of Stone (co-authored by Ian and Elizabeth Dudley-Bestow), outlines a program to create an iconic, rewarding, must-see tourist destination.

Tickets: $5
Bookings recommended as it helps us organise the night
Please visit: www.trybooking.com/BDBYE

Mount Vic Flicks’ renowned Snack Bar will be open

Come along and support the Gardens of Stone campaign!

This is a Gardens of Stone Alliance event (Blue Mountains Conservation Society, Colong Foundation for Wilderness and Lithgow Environment Group).

Commemorative Ceremony for Moffitt’s Plaque
1pm Sunday 30 June at Lithgow State Mine Heritage Park

Baa; Bone Creek
The Gardens of Stone Alliance (Lithgow Environment Group, Blue Mountains Conservation Society & Colong Foundation for Wilderness), CRUMA (Combined Retired Union Members Association) and the Lithgow State Mine Heritage Park warmly invites you and your friends to the unveiling of a commemorative plaque to honour Vernon Moffitt (1924-2001) & Joyce Moffitt (1930-1999), at the Lithgow State Mine Heritage Park, 3A State Mine Gully Road, Lithgow on Sunday 30 June, 2019.

The event brings together a celebration of Lithgow’s rich union and coal mining history and its spectacularly beautiful pagoda landscape known as the Gardens of Stone.

This celebration fulfils CRUMA’s resolution of the 5 December, 2018:

That the Combined Retired Union Members Association recognise the union and environmental achievements of Joyce and Vern Moffitt by calling on the Union movement and Community to contribute to the funding of a plaque to acknowledge their enormous contribution to the Australian Union movement, the Lithgow Community and Lithgow’s spectacular ‘Gardens of Stone’ region.

Here's a brochure that details the event including transport arrangements.

March For The Mountains
held on Sunday 9 June at Katoomba
March For The Mountains Welcome to Country and a great talk by David King - so real and connecting.

Well over 800 people marched through Katoomba on Sunday 9th June protesting about the proposed raising of Warragamba Dam.

If the dam wall is raised, 4,700 hectares of World Heritage listed National Parks and 1,800 hectares of declared Wilderness Areas will be forever scarred from sedimentation, erosion and invasion of exotic plants.

Raising Warragamba Dam will inundate 65 kilometres of Blue Mountain's wild rivers and affect 45 Indigenous sacred sites.

Read the Blue Mountains Gazette article which includes 64 photos of the march.

For more information, visit the Save The Blue Mountains Wild Rivers website.

(click these images to see larger versions)

Carrington Place A crowd of over 800 gathered in Carrington Place before the march down Katoomba St.
The Coffin A nail being hammered into the coffin of threatened species - one for each species.
Katoomba St the march down Katoomba St
Trish Doyle, Mark Greenhill and Adam Searle Trish Doyle, Mark Greenhill and Adam Searle
Lachlan Garland Lachlan Garland, Society President
Wyn Jones Wyn Jones reciting Denis Kevans' Concreto

Radiata Plateau Radiata Plateau (Kamil Sustiak)
Leave Radiata Plateau Wild

Sitting on the southern escarpment, Radiata Plateau with its outstanding topography is the last remaining undeveloped peninsula-plateau in the upper Blue Mountains.

Home to rare and threatened species, culturally significant and a magnet for the local outdoor community, Radiata Plateau, towering high above rolling valleys has been in the making for millennia.

Here's the Open Letter to the Hon. Gabrielle Upton, NSW Minister for Environment and Heritage published in the Blue Mountains Gazette on 5th December.

Visit our Leave Radiata Plateau Wild webpages.

Lost City Lost City   (Henry Gold)
Protect the Gardens of Stone

One of the most beautiful and intricate sandstone landscapes in Australia - dramatically coloured escarpments and headlands, slot canyons, cave overhangs, ancient sand dunes and the complex arrays of internationally significant rock turrets known as pagodas.

Huge plant diversity, including more than 1,000 species and 33 different vegetation communities (15 of which are threatened or poorly conserved), ancient montane heathlands; nationally endangered upland swamps and a unique species of snow gum.

Learn about the amazing Gardens of Stone, why it needs protecting and how you can help our campaign.

Visit our Gardens of Stone webpages.

No Western Sydney Airport bumper sticker
No Western Sydney Airport bumper sticker
No Western Sydney Airport

The Society believes that the Western Sydney Airport and its attendant infrastructure and associated industries poses a very real threat to the GBMWHA. And as a result, the Airport is a threat to the Blue Mountains communities, tourism and businesses.

The principal impact on the GBMWHA and Blue Mountains communities of the proposed Western Sydney Airport is aircraft noise.

See more on our campaign against Western Sydney Airport