Blue Mountains Conservation Society
WHAT'S ON in 2018

March 09:   Bat Night
March 16:   Exploring Earth Laws
March 24:   Time 2 Choose Rally
March 26:   Flooding of the Blue Mountains Public Forum
March 28:   Blue Mountains Conservation Society AGM


bat night

Rights of Nature, Natural Personhood and Innovative Local Laws to Protect the Environment

Evening Seminar, Friday 16th March 2018, 6pm-7.30pm
Katoomba Leura Community Centre, 81-83 Katoomba Street, Katoomba, Blue Mountains


Join us for a fascinating evening of discussions, exploring different legal tools that can help us better protect the living world.
Climate change, biodiversity loss and the global ecological crisis are forcing many people to rethink the legal, economic and governance structures underpinning contemporary industrial societies. People around the world are exploring innovative ways to use the law to better support the health of the living world. 

One area receiving growing attention is the use of western legal mechanisms, such as legal personhood and 'Rights of Nature', to shift the legal status of nature from human property, to subjects of the law. 

 These legal approaches are seen by many as a way for human centred western laws to be transformed towards Earth centred law and governance. 'Rights of Nature' laws now operate in Ecuador, Bolivia and the USA, and legal personhood laws and cases have emerged in New Zealand, India and Colombia. In Australia and the USA, the creation of 'environmental water managers' in domestic law has seen legal rights to water allocated to rivers and wetlands.
The National Convenor of the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA), Dr Michelle Maloney, will give a 40 minute overview of these new legal developments, and what they might mean in the context of protecting the precious natural environment of the Blue Mountains. Join us for
insights into these innovative legal developments and for a detailed discussions about how such approaches could be used in Australia.
This seminar is free, but bookings are essential. Please book your place by registering online:

Dr Michelle Maloney (BA/LLB ANU, PhD Griffith Law School) is the Co-Founder and National Convenor of AELA. AELA advocates for Earth centred law, governance and economics. Michelle has 30 years experience designing climate change, social justice and ecological justice projects in Australia, the US, UK and Indonesia. She leads multi-disciplinary teams within AELA and is responsible for the development and implementation of AELA's work. 

Save NSW from Coal Mines and Gas Fields




Flooding the Blue Mountains: A Public Forum

Monday 26 March - 6:30pm-8pm
The Hub, 106-108 Macquarie Rd, Springwood
Wild Rivers Forum

Join Dr. Bob Brown and Bob Debus for a public forum
on saving the Blue Mountains' wild rivers from the raising of Warragamba Dam wall.

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Wednesday March 28 @ 7pm
Conservation Hut, Wentworth FAlls

Photo by Henry Gold
Please come along to our AGM, have your say or just listen and enjoy the music.
Join us after the meeting for Janine Kitson's talk on Legendary Wilderness photographer, Henry Gold.
His photos helped the World heritage listing of the Greater Blue Mountains in 2000.
[photo by Henry Gold]

APRIL 2018

Thursday 5 – Upland Swamps Talk – Conservation Hut – Ann Young Speaker
Saturday 28 April – Springwood Foundation Day with BMCS Stall


JUNE 2018

June 5-17 - Exhibition of Wilderness Photographs by Henry Gold - @ Bondi Pavilion.



Mountain DevilWe attend the LAWSON MAGPIE MARKETS at Lawson Public School on the Great Western Highway from 9am to 2pm on the 3rd Sunday of the month from August through November and February through May.

We are also at the BLACKHEATH COMMUNITY MARKETS at Blackheath Public School on the Great Western Highway from 9am to 1pm on the first Sunday of the month from August through May. At both these markets we offer a big variety of plants with many specials.

  • 04 Feb - Blackheath Markets
  • 18 Feb - Lawson Markets
  • 04 Mar - Blackheath Markets
  • 18 Mar - Lawson Markets
  • 01 Apr - Blackheath Markets
  • 15 Apr - Lawson Markets
  • 06 May - Blackheath Markets
  • 20 May - Lawson Markets
  • NO nursery stalls in June or July


The Management Committee meets at 9.15am once a month at the Blue Mountains Historical Society in Wentworth Falls.
Society members are welcome to attend.

  • 17 February
  • 17 March
  • 21 April
  • 19 May
  • 16 June
  • 21 July


   Waratah, spring rain. Newnes Plateau
[Waratah, spring rain. Newnes Plateau]